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The Importance of a Sales Process

Picture this … You are walking in the local shopping mall when you spot a beautiful woman in the distance, you walk up to her, tap her on the shoulder and when she turns around, you get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. What do you think her answer will be?

How to Overcome Cash Flow Challenges

A lack of cash flow is a very quick way to destroy a business! No Cash = No Business. A lack of cash flow or a poor cash flow is a major cause of stress for many business owners. It is important to note however, that poor cash flow is a symptom and is not

The Importance of Evaluating your Environment

With our business, ActionCOACH Ignite having celebrated our 5th birthday in June, I am mindful of the many businesses that start out with great passion and enthusiasm but sadly don’t make the 5 year mark. There are many reasons for business failure but two of the most common reasons are 1: Lack of knowledge –

The Worst Behaviours of Leaders

Being a leader is not always easy. Leaders face many challenges on an ongoing basis but have to be the guiding light for the organisation. You often hear the cliché, ‘Our people are our biggest assets’ – we prefer to say, ‘The right people are your biggest assets’ and these people deserve a great leader

Top Time Management Tips for Business Owners

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Between balancing your team and their needs, as well as tracking output can be a nightmare if you don’t have concrete processes in place. The biggest keys to time management are discipline and prioritisation. By dividing your

Celtico aim to upskill local SMME’s

Celtico (Pty) Ltd, a local clothing design house that supplies national retail chains, has committed to provide free business development training for a three year period to six qualifying businesses. “We are passionate about growing local businesses as we believe they play an imperative role in job creation and economic growth for our province,” say Julienne Prozesky

How S&A Generators grew their Business by 40% over the last year

S & A Generators, specialists in generator maintenance and servicing, is a 25-year-old family business that has been built on the backbone of honesty and loyalty. With the new generation at the helm, company Directors, Roger Smith and Louise Angel, together with Byron Booysen (Technical Manager) recall how the past twelve months have seen positive

How Well do you Know the Numbers in your Business?

Like it or not, the numbers in a business are critically important!  You need to know and understand your numbers if you are to run and build a successful business. In our coaching practice, we deal with 2 types of entrepreneurs – those who know the numbers and those who don’t – the number savvy

Mini MBA for Business Owners 2019

Do you Want to Change your Business Results in 2019? Bookings now open for ActionCOACH Ignite’s 10 month MBA Programme for Business Owners. Do you want to learn the practical skills to grow your business, including: How to effectively manage your time and create more free time for yourself; Knowing the important financial numbers in

Here’s How Super Tyres turned their Business around in 18 months

Super Tyres is a 46-year-old, family-owned business that has been built on honesty, integrity and trust. With a new vision of “Creating Raving Fans with Every Life We Touch” the company is attempting to break the mould of “boring and drab” by creating an experience for their customers that’s second to none. Company MD, Dean

Work Life Balance

It’s not easy being a business owner. Overwork and burnout are two especially common problems with entrepreneurs, and it’s not hard to see why. One survey conducted revealed that more than half of the business owners surveyed worked at least 50 hours a week. About a quarter worked over 60 hours a week! Those levels of activity are

Do you Measure your Sales Conversion Rate

In part 1 of this article we spoke about how Revenue is a function of Lead Generation and Sales Conversion Rate. We covered lead generation in the previous article so will cover conversion rate in this article. Lets start with what conversion rate is – it is the % of sales made divided by leads

How many Lead Generation Strategies do you have in Place?

We all know that NO SALES = NO BUSINESS and sales revenue is a function of 2 completely separate activities – Generating of Leads (Marketing) and Conversion of these Leads (sales). It is critically important to accurately measure both the number of leads and conversion rate. Not doing this is like playing a round of

How Saleable is your Business

The key reason to start a business should be to sell it one day, and the way to become truly wealthy is by buying, building and selling businesses. Generally speaking, you won’t achieve great wealth by owning just one company, you’ll need to buy, build and sell businesses a few times over. Ideally, the only

How much is your Time Worth

Time is one of the commodities people in business never seem to have enough of. It’s the first excuse we use when things are not done. But there are some simple facts about time. Time is absolute – there are 24 hours in a day and that will never change. We can’t “manage” time. What

A new Approach to Increasing Profit

Conventional businesses over simplify their definition of profit as the difference between sales and expenses. With this approach, there are only three variables that can be manoeuvred or improved to influence profitability and businesses end up looking only at increasing sales or decreasing expenses to make more profit. If you move away from this limiting

Here is how coaching can change your business

The current economic situation is tough. We hear this every day. 80% of South African businesses fail within the first 5 years. So how do we stop ourselves from becoming a statistic? Support. Many entrepreneurs find themselves battling along alone. There is no need for this – help is at hand. Business Coaching as a

Discounting can harm business

Some salespeople have a tendency to think that giving a discount is the easiest, quickest way to make a sale. Of course, they may be right, but what about the profit they’re giving away? Lets see how discounting can harm business… If a product has a profit margin of 30% and salespeople give a 10%

Are your customers Satisfied or Delighted?

We have all heard the statement that it costs 6 – 7 times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep existing customers. This is due to the marketing and sales effort, relevant resources and associated costs. It follows therefore that it makes so much more sense to look after our customers and

Here’s How to Make Sales Simple

No matter what your product or service is, you have to sell to stay in business, so you might as well make up your mind now to become a winner at the sales game. So how do you convert a prospect into a customer? That is the million-dollar question that has eluded so many sales

Building your dream business team

To understand the meaning and importance of a dream team, use this handy acronym: T E A M – Together Everyone Achieves More As every successful entrepreneur knows, human capital is the greatest asset of any business. A dream team makes it possible to accomplish the business’s overall objectives, be more productive and ultimately more

Business Growth Seminar

Over 80 local businessmen and women attended ActionCOACH Kloof’s Business Growth Seminar presented by Darryn Le Grange on Friday, 24th February from 8:30am to 12 at the Robyndale Conference Centre.

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