Marketing Bootcamp

Do you need more Leads in your Business?

After coaching hundreds of business owners and clocking up thousands of coaching hours over the years, we are certain of 3 things:

  • The Secret to Business Growth & Profitability is Marketing (Generating Leads)
  • Most businesses don’t do enough Marketing
  • Most Business Owners don’t have enough marketing knowledge

When we talk about marketing, we are not talking about branding, we are talking about Lead Generation –  Marketing that gets incoming leads.

If marketing was important before, it is critical to the survival of lots of businesses now.

We have put together an 8 week virtual Marketing Bootcamp that will teach you how to drastically increase your incoming leads.

Each session will be highly practical so that you can immediately take action, implement and get results. Each session will be approx 1.5 hours long and will run consecutively over 8 weeks via Zoom (Live – not recordings). The modules will be as follows:

The Key Principles of Lead Generation Marketing

  • Turning your Marketing from an Expense to an Investment
  • How to Test & Measure
  • The principle of 10 x 10
  • Choosing your Lead Generation Strategies
  • 85 Lead Generation Strategies

Unique Selling Proposition & Call to Action

  • Defining what makes your business different
  • How to ensure you don’t Compete on Price
  • How a strong Guarantee can benefit your Business
  • How to get your Phone Ringing Now
  • 13 Lead Generation Strategies that will not cost you anything

Building an Effective Referral Strategy

  • Turning Referrals from a Passive Strategy to an Active one
  • How to maximize referrals from Existing customers
  • The 7 Steps to building a winning referral strategy

Email & Digital Marketing

  • Generating Leads from Email Marketing
  • How to aggressively build your email database
  • Principles of Facebook & LinkedIN marketing

Effective Cold Calling

  • Why Cold Calling is such a winning strategy
  • How to take the “cold” out of cold calling
  • How to get Past the Gatekeepers
  • What not to do when Cold Calling
  • Winning Cold Calling Scripts

Marketing Plan

  • How to build a Marketing Plan (Template Supplied)
  • Foolproof way to stick to the plan
  • They key elements to a marketing campaign

The Importance of a Defined Sales Process

  • What Dating & Selling have in Common
  • How to drastically increase your selling conversion rate
  • 83 Conversion Rate Strategies

Marketing Bootcamp Download

Click here to download more detail on the content as well as the session dates.

Marketing Bootcamp Cost

Due to the massive impact on businesses as a result of Covid 19, and our ultimate purpose of helping businesses, we are running this programme at a significantly reduced price.

R 2,950 plus vat for the 8 week programme (payable over 2 monthly instalments of R 1,475 plus vat each) OR A discounted price of R 2,750 plus vat if paid upfront.

If you are ready to commit, please reserve your spot by clicking the below button.

* – Due to the significantly reduced price, ActionCOACH Ignite reserves the right to cancel this course should the minimum number of registrations not be met.

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