We offer a range of services, all designed to help you achieve success. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a programme to suit every business and every budget.


Sales Training

If you have no sales, you have no business! Sales is a science and we have the firm belief that anybody can learn how to sell. Most businesses do lots of product training for their team but often no training in the science of selling. Our highly practical 1 day programme is designed to give you all the skills required to become a highly successful sales professional. Offered as an in-house programme as well as via a public course.

Management & Leadership Training

When last did your management team have leadership training? We offer a highly educational and inspirational 1 day training for your management team. Your team will leave with a whole lot of new skills in the area of management & leadership and with a spring in their step, ready to take the business to the next level.

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Speaking Engagements

As a passionate and influential speaker, Darryn Le Grange offers talks across a number of business related topics designed to motivate, teach and inspire you. Please enquire for more details.

Free Seminars

We host quarterly free seminars for business owners. These seminars are highly educational and you are guaranteed to leave feeling particularly motivated, with a spring in your step. Please visit the events page for seminars dates and details.


Business Planning

We offer a highly sophisticated business planning software that allows you to craft your ideal 5-year business plan. You will receive your own unique login to the portal and will be able to edit your plan as things change in your business. This is more than a business plan, it’s a management tool to keep you on track and measure your progress.

Goal Setting Workshop

From experience we have found goal setting to be a poorly practiced discipline but setting clear goals is critical to achieving business success. Best business practice states that setting 90 day goals is the best way to set and achieve goals. We host a very powerful 1 day goal setting session with your team. Your team members will leave feeling inspired and motivated and with absolute clarity on what they need to achieve in the next 90 days including a step by step plan.

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