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“I wanted to take my business to the next level, and ActionCOACH Ignite helped me to do that! ActionCOACH has exceeded my expectations! Since joining ActionCOACH Ignite our turnover has increased by 144%. If you are considering getting a business coach … JUST DO IT – you will not regret, it!”

Melissa Jacobs

Business Owner, MJ Chartered Accountants

“Stress…. a thing of the past. The secret…. get a coach that holds you accountable to working on your business and get out of focusing on the day-to-day operations. Since joining ActionCOACH Ignite our profit has grown by 29,000% (no error). Thanks, ActionCOACH!”

Dean Horn

Managing Director, Super Tyres

“What an eye-opening journey it has been! ActionCOACH Ignite has gone all out to give us an outsider’s perspective on our business and has provided invaluable support, holding us accountable and encouraging us to work more ‘on’ the business as opposed to ‘in’ it. Darryn is our sounding board and his advice has really shaped our business to operate more efficiently, increasing our bottom line whilst making our prices more competitive. Since joining ActionCOACH Ignite our turnover has increased by 265%. We join fellow ActionCOACH Ignite clients’ sentiments: “Why did we not join them sooner?”

Darryne Welgemoed

Business Owner, Hammond Interiors

“After many years of running our business the same way, we realized we needed to make some changes. We were struggling, and it felt like we had tried everything. We decided that we needed some help from a business coach outside of our situation.

I did some searching on the internet and came across Action Coach. I spoke to my wife about it and she said that she had seen an Action Coach sign in Kloof. At first, I was apprehensive, I mean, what could they possibly do that I hadn’t already tried before. Anyway, I gave Action Coach a call and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Deborah Coskey took me under her wing and has been coaching me ever since. We have been working with Action Coach Ignite for over two years now and our business has grown from strength to strength.

When you invest in Action Coach you invest in both a business coach and a friend, a coach that invests themselves in you and your business to do everything necessary to help you take your business to the next level. They are there to help you if you fall, guide you through your business challenges, but most importantly, hold you accountable, accountable to follow through with the changes that are necessary to reach business success.

If it wasn’t for Deborah and the Action Coach team, our business would not be where it is today!”

Ryan Harmsworth

Business Owner, Eagleharm Engineering

Our business was going through a tough time; we had investors that we wanted to pay off, turnover was low barely covering expenses, we had no systems or procedures in place, problems finding the right staff, and half of our staff members didn’t have KPI’s and job descriptions. We felt that because neither of us had any tertiary education we were on the back foot all the time, not knowing if we were doing the right things or making the right decisions with regard to the business.

One day a friend of ours mentioned that the best thing he did for his business was to join Action Coach. We attended a free seminar, and walking away from it we both felt very inspired and motivated to get started working on making our business work for us. The cost to be a monthly member is almost another salary, so this did take some consideration, however, we can both say it is the best salary we have ever paid for what we get in return.

We have paid our investors off in less than a year, we have systems in place, budgets to follow, and staff who know their KPIs. We even went on an overseas trip and left the business in the hands of our competent staff without having to worry about a thing.

Our coach, Deborah Coskey, is a great fit for us, we have had many laughs along this journey. So much work to do but the rewards are what you achieve. It has made such a difference to have someone, a coach, to bounce ideas off, talk through issues, confirm your instincts and have as a mentor.

Joining Action Coach is the best business decision we have ever made, not only has our business grown but so have we as individuals. here is only one thing to say about our coach; Thank you, Deborah, you are awesome!

José & Bev da Coste

Business Owners, PG Aluminium

Starting your own business is daunting. Starting your own business on your own – is worse than daunting. Where do you start? Who do you look to for direction and guidance? Yes, yes google, friends, family, and ex-colleagues but they all have their own jobs and approaches and whilst I got a lot of support and ideas from these sources I generally would sit in my home office doing the stuff I knew how to do and added to that, well, I don’t like asking for help.

Then 6 months into my business owner career, my mom (yes, my mom) suggested I get in touch with ActionCoach. After a couple of weeks of deliberation, I plucked up the courage to call them and spoke to Darryn who invited me to a free seminar and a complimentary coaching session – who could say no? I didn’t, and I have not looked back. Deborah Coskey took me on as a client in July 2017 and my business took off. She is a no-nonsense (make sure you do your homework – #justsaying), compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable and dedicated coach, whom I highly respect and thoroughly enjoy as a person. She has pushed my comfort zone way beyond what I would have done on my own, held me accountable for actions and results and guided and pushed me to believe in the impossible. The result – a business that made a profit in the first year and the second year first quarter were record months. Is she done yet – hell no! I am I done yet – hell no! Would I want anyone else to take me through this – hell no!
Deborah has been an incredible Coach and I highly recommend her!!”

Angie Thompson

Business Owner, SuccessPoint

S&A Generators (PTY) Ltd have been working & collaborating with Deborah from Action Coach for just over a year now.
In that time, we have observed that it is rare to meet someone who listens, guides, encourages, motivates, supports and helps you see the bigger picture so that you can reach your goals.
Deborah & Action Coach genuinely want to see you & your company succeed!

Since joining Action Coach with Deborah, we have expanded our networking with small businesses in the same boat but at different stages of their journey, which has helped motivate us to learn & adapt.
Deborah has helped pick us up after setbacks & celebrated our wins with us. She doesn’t just provide business coaching, but therapy sessions wrapped up all in one.
She has a unique skill of engaging in regular conversation and asking the right questions which lead you and your team to those “AHA” moments that facilitate learning & development.
We don’t have a formal business background and Deborah has helped us by giving guidance with the behind-the-scenes technical tools to help us monitor & track our finances, and cash flow and put in place correct costings. She has steered us in the right direction with HR issues, sales & marketing and putting systems in place to help run the business. She takes a holistic approach and knows us and our business.
She isn’t afraid to push you and gives honest feedback & opinions.

She has helped us focus & prioritise working on the business not just in the business to ensure we have a stable foundation to grow.
The proof is in how our business performance has improved & all the positive milestones we have reached in the last year under Deborah’s coaching! We have had 40% growth in turnover, positive cash flow, and achieved finance to purchase a new vehicle as well as our crane truck. Our Staff are working more efficiently with new uniforms, tools & PPE. We have a marketing strategy in place, branding our vehicles & a website in progress. Overall our staff is more positive & excited about our business and its potential.

We happily & highly recommend Deborah as a Business coach if you are looking for an extremely competent person & Action Coach Team to challenge & hold you & your team accountable to support & grow your business.

Louise Angel

Business Owner, S&A Generators

What I feel like expressing is…
How grateful I am to you Darryn, for pushing us to be bold and to be brave! To make decisions that help us to grow, not just as businesses but as individuals. Decisions of which without your support, we otherwise may never have made.
You have pushed us to take steps that have resulted in us winning as a business and synonymously as people in life! So confident am I to say that with 100% certainty, we would not be operating our business at the level we are, had we not had your support in getting here.
Where is here? Here is a place of success, measured and backed up by a whole stream of numbers confirming the growth we have experienced since partnering with you.
If we can take it this far so soon, where can we take it from here?
We are without a doubt going somewhere great and we have your strong support to take us there!

Steven Oliver

GM Heart Eco

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Darryn Le Grange from Action Coach for assisting us in the growth of our business, and also for encouraging us to have confidence and belief within ourselves.
He has taught us some vital lessons in the short time we have been coached by him which has motivated us to grow our business and to know what we need to focus on to be successful.
Darryn has been a huge ‘investment’ to us, an inexperienced businesswoman. We wanted someone we could bounce our ‘fantastic’ ideas off, to know that we were heading in the right direction with our thoughts and plans, not wanting to make big financial mistakes.
In a couple of months, we have learnt the obvious such as planning your day, which is a lot harder than it seems! To understand the financial side of the business in basic accounting language. He has driven us to do things that are not within our comfort zones, such as cold calling….but this is increasing our sales!
There are no excuses! It is great to have set lessons, and tasks which assist in improving the business and it forces you to make the time to do the necessary.
There is no excuse like ‘no time’.
We have also met a new group of business people who are enjoying the benefits of Action Coach and are all enthusiastic about helping each other.
So just a big thank you for the short months we have been with Action coach and we look forward to the months to come.

Jolene Schefermann & Leanne Knott

Business Owners, Chempac Distribution

We have a sales force of over 200 people including counter, internal and external sales positions. Our goal was to find a training company or individual who could create a customised coaching course that would coach the diverse group to improve their existing sales skills in a practical way that would be customised to our specific sales challenges.

Fortunately, we found Darryn and we worked with him over several months to give him all the input he needed to develop a one-day coaching session presented over 4 days to 50 people at a time. The coaching he developed fitted exactly with what we were looking for and indeed exceeded our expectations! It is one thing to develop a course but it is another to present it is such a way that there is participation from everyone and to get buy in on the concepts being coached. The feedback from the sales team has been very positive and they are inspired and equipped to excel.

Darryn is an exceptional presenter and he does it with humour and engages the audience with interesting examples and overheads that reinforces the points he makes home in a memorable and professional way. Everyone gets a workbook to make notes relating to the topic being covered and individuals are asked to summarise their learning to the group at intervals which really drives the messages home.

Over the years our management team have seen and interacted with many training companies and individuals and we can say that Darryn is by far the best trainer and coach we have encountered and can recommend him to anyone who is looking for an exceptional coach, trainer and presenter.

Nick Chapman

Group Marketing Manager, NJR Steel

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