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Darryn can speak on a range of topics including attitude and mindset, sales, marketing, customer service, time management etc. His signature talk is his personal story of “15 Steps to Success” where he shares his personal story and how he overcame financial hardship to achieve success and wealth creation. Darryn has spoken at a number of conferences, seminars, awards functions and other events and has earned much respect as a speaker based on his content, presentation style and authenticity.


15 Steps To Success

Attitude & Mindset

Sales & Marketing

Customer Service

Time Management

Leadership & Management

Systemising your Business

Cindy Norcott

“I want to say a huge thank you to you for the exceptional talk you did today. I could see that everyone was spellbound and taking notes. I got some great nuggets of wisdom from your talk. Thank you.”

Myles Wakefield

“Thanks very much, Darryn, for your talk at our quarterly awards function last week. The content, your presentation style, and the message you passed on to our team were hugely appreciated by us. I have no doubt we will be using you again and would like to thank you for a job extremely well done.”

Grant Gavin

“Darryn is an incredibly engaging speaker who not only entertains audiences, but provides relevant, useful business content for entrepreneurs, small business owners and employees. I highly recommend him.”