5 Time Management Tips that could Change your Life

Time Management seems to be a challenge that most people struggle with. The truth is that time management should not be called time management, it should be called self-management, because how long have we known there are 24 hours in a day? This will never change, we have to change what we do with our daily 24 hours.

If managing your time is a challenge for you, then these 5 things could change your life if you apply them:

Busy versus Productive

These are not the same thing. Busy is doing stuff – multitasking, running around, lots of priorities. Productive is focussed with a few priorities for the day including doing the things that will move your business to where it needs to go. Be sure that you are aware of the difference and make every effort to spend your day being productive and not busy. At the end of each day, ask yourself this question – AM I proud of what I achieved today?

Know the Value of your Time

Take your monthly salary plus your monthly business profit and divide that number by 160 (assuming you work 8 hours per day x 5 days per week – of course, you probably work much more). That answer is the value of your hourly rate. If you are doing tasks that could be done by somebody at a lower hourly rate – then delegate them immediately. You need to be doing the high-value tasks and not the low-value tasks that somebody else could be doing.

Do a Time Log for a Week

Record everything you do from the time you start working in the morning to the time you stop working in the evening, in 30-minute segments. Do this for 5 days and then sit back and analyze how you have spent your time. The results will most probably shock you, but most importantly, it will make you self-aware of where your time is being wasted.

Time Blocking

Most people will spend their time doing urgent tasks and will leave the important tasks for later (later never comes though), because there is usually no immediate consequence to not doing the important stuff, but the consequences will come later when suddenly your sales pipeline looks bleak, or your cash flow has been hammered.

The best way to solve this is to block off time in your diary for the important things and then have the discipline to stick to your commitment. These even apply to personal things like date night with your spouse etc.

Plan your Week

An absolute must is to plan your week ahead so you know exactly what you need to achieve for every day of the week. Leave time for the adhoc tasks that will no doubt arise but ensure the important things that need to happen, happen. Make sure your staff also have a clear plan for the week.

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