Are you missing these 11 things in your business?

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We are delighted to share the news that our Kloof-based team won 4 awards at the ActionCOACH South Africa national conference and awards this past weekend.
Our awards were as follows:

ActionCOACH Firm of the Year (8th Consecutive Year)

Franchisee of the Year – Darryn Le Grange

Coach of the Year – Natasha Swartz

Rookie Coach of the Year – Karen Le Grange

We have now won 26 local awards & 2 global business coaching awards in the last 9 years and a number of people have asked us how we keep winning these awards. What is our secret? Well, the truth is…… there is no secret, rather sound business principles, the same ones we teach our business owner clients.

Here are the 11 Principles we have applied:

  1. We have a very compelling Vision Statement – One that every team member endeavours to deliver on every single day, one that every team member can recite by heart at the drop of a hat. Our Vision Statement calls for us to be the very best we can be every single day.
  2. We are very disciplined in taking a full day out at the beginning of every year and every quarter to set our 12 Month Goals & 90 Day Goals respectively. These goals crystalize exactly what we are aiming for, for the year. These goals get us out of bed every morning and drive us to work. These goals take the guesswork out of what we have to do – because of these goals, we know what we have to do and get on with it.
  3. Every single team member has a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that they are expected to deliver on. If off track, they are coached on how to get back on track. Everyone knows what is expected of them, and everyone has a plan in place to deliver on their KPIs.
  4. Of the 4 awards we won, all of them are based on Financial Numbers. We track our numbers weekly against the targets and budget we have set. If we veer off track, we immediately brainstorm and take action to get back on track. You cannot ignore the numbers in your business. At the end of the day, every business is in the same business – the business of profit-making.
  5. The key to achieving the numbers we have delivered is strong Marketing and Sales performance. To this end, we have an Annual Marketing Plan that we set at the beginning of the year that lays out everything we need to do from a marketing perspective, divided into 52 weeks of the year. Once the plan is done, the thinking is done, it’s simply just down to execution.
  6. Testing & Measuring – We test and measure everything in our business – if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Our testing & measuring tells us which marketing strategies are working and which ones aren’t. We measure all the key drivers in our business.
  7. We manage our Time using Default Diaries. These default diaries ensure we are spending enough time working “on” the business in addition to working “in” the business. Working “on” allows us to take a step back, strategize and plan. We also ensure that we do not keep ourselves busy, but rather productive. Busy and productive are not the same thing.
  8. We live by the motto that in most cases 80% is good enough. We don’t obsess about perfection as we know perfection doesn’t exist. This is applied to most things in our business including the way we manage our people. We choose our battles and we know that nobody is perfect, but attitude and mindset are very important.
  9. We have a fully Systemized Business, with a documented manual that stipulates how we do everything in our business from how we greet somebody at the door to how we organize our events and deliver our coaching. The fact that our business is systemized leads to consistency and best practices on a daily basis.
  10. Using our Ladder of Loyalty, we have created a number of Raving Fans. Raving Fans are clients that go out of their way to refer you – giving us a great stream of incoming leads. Raving Fans do not happen on their own, you have to take the appropriate steps to move them up the ladder.
  11. Finally and perhaps most importantly of all, we LOVE what we do. We love the fact that we get to help people make more money in their businesses. By doing this, we improve the lifestyle of the business owner and their team. Businesses grow which leads to job creation. Job creation leads to a better economy for us all. We love the fact that we get to work with businesses from all industries and that we get to form such deep and meaningful relationships with our clients, without which none of our success would be possible and whom we are eternally grateful to for their ongoing support.

KEY Question – How many of these 11 points are you missing in your business?

You will agree that none of the 11 points above are beyond the reach of any business owner. You can achieve almost anything if you really want to, and if you take the correct ACTION required.

  1. Compelling Vision Statement
  2. 12-Month & 90-Day Goals
  3. KPIs in place for all staff
  4. Financial Mastery
  5. Annual Marketing Plan
  6. Active Testing & Measuring
  7. Default Diary
  8. Acceptance that in most cases 80% is good enough
  9. Systemized Business
  10. Plan to create Raving Fans
  11. Do you & your team Love what you do?

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