Here is how coaching can change your business

The current economic situation is tough. We hear this every day. 80% of South African businesses fail within the first 5 years. So how do we stop ourselves from becoming a statistic? Support. Many entrepreneurs find themselves battling along alone. There is no need for this – help is at hand. Business Coaching as a profession has grown in popularity over the last numbers of years and its clear to see why – A great Business Coach can help change your Business and your Life. We have compiled some answers to frequently asked questions about business coaching:

So what exactly is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is the process of assisting business owners to take their business from where they are now, to where they want to be. We help business owners with their sales, marketing, systems, time management and essentially help them make more money.

Who needs Business Coaching?

Just like professional sportsmen need coaching, so does every business. We push business owners harder than they would push themselves. The benefit of an outsider looking in carries huge value in the form of an unbiased opinion.

What are some of the challenges that business owners face?

Business owners feel overwhelmed, they work extremely long hours and don’t have the financial rewards they were hoping for. Others are very frustrated, their teams do not work as they want them to. The main challenge is that business owners are often very good at what they do – their trade or craft – but don’t necessarily have all the skills or knowledge required to run their business – sales, marketing, financials, systems and processes, management skills etc. We assist them in all these areas. We don’t run their businesses for them, but through a process of coaching we assist them with strategies to implement and actions to take, all the while upskilling them in the process.

Typically, what are the reasons business owners turn to ActionCOACH?

They turn to us because we have a proven system to help build great businesses. ActionCOACH has mechanisms that have been developed and refined over the last 24 years, across 72 countries and these systems and methodologies are applied to tens of thousands of businesses with great success.

What sort of results do your clients get?

The results are very much dependent on how motivated and action orientated the business owners are. We have clients who have grown their turnover by over 700% in a year. We have clients who used to work an 80 hour week who have gotten their lives back and we have had lots of clients grow their bottom line in double digit percentages.

How much does coaching cost?

There is no cost to coaching…only an investment. We have a range of coaching packages to suit all budgets, ranging from weekly 1-to-1 coaching to fortnightly group coaching. Our primary objective is always to “find our fee” as fast as we can so that we become free to the business.

What is the process somebody should follow if they are interested in coaching?

We offer a complimentary business assessment and 1-to-1 meeting with the business owner to discuss their business, and make some recommendations. This is an obligation free session. Interested parties should contact to schedule their session.

Don’t wait until that horse is dead before you start flogging it. Now is the time to take ACTION. Revive your business, resuscitate your life and realise your dreams with your ActionCOACH.

The ActionCOACH Kloof Team

Author: Darryn Le Grange
Darryn is a business coach and the owner of ActionCOACH Ignite in Kloof. Since being in ActionCOACH, Darryn has won numerous awards including SA Rookie Coach of the Year (2014), Global Rookie Coach of the Year (2015), National Sales Award for the Highest Conversion Rate (2015) and the ActionCOACH Firm of the Year (2016). Darryn is currently ranked 38th in the World out of over 1,000 franchisees.

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