How big a game are you playing?

Having just returned from our annual ActionCOACH SA conference in Hermanus, I was struck by a few “light bulb moments” during and after the conference that I feel I must share with you. The 1st one was a statement made by one of our guest speakers, Mike Abel where he said “there are no benefits to negativity”, so obvious yet so very profound. Although I am generally a very positive person, being human I do have my moments of negativity but hearing this very simple statement has had such a big impact on me. There is absolutely no point in spending any time on negative thoughts as absolutely no good will come from this, so negative thoughts – off you go, get out of my head.

The 2nd light bulb moment is that my team and I need to play a much bigger game. The biggest problem facing South Africa today is the massive unemployment rate. Solving this will solve so many other problems that we currently face. The reality is that government is not going to solve this problem and neither is the corporate sector. This problem is going to have to be solved by you and I, entrepreneurs and business owners. Building bigger businesses that thrive and grow is the answer. These businesses will then need to employ more people and every new job created is one step closer to solving this massive challenge that we face.

How can we be part of the solution? Well, at ActionCOACH, we help businesses grow, thrive and make more money. The bigger the game we play, the bigger the impact we will have. We can certainly be part of the solution. So what are we practically going to do? We are going to employ a business development manager to help us further grow our business. This will mean we will employ more coaches in our team to help more business owners grow their businesses which will mean more jobs will be created. Right now we are comfortable, perhaps too comfortable (not in terms of how hard we work but in terms of how big we think) but its time to get out of our comfort zone and ramp up our business.

So here is the question for you? Can you, and are you going to play a bigger game in 2022? Let us know what you are going to do, we would love to hear from you?

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